PG Wonder Clay No.3

PG Perma Glass Wonder Clay NO 3 (150gm)

Foundation to brilliant and durable shine for a silky smooth finish. Can be use for surface preparation. Clay No. 3 is recommended for dull and bad weathered cars.

– Removes embedded surface contaminants like industrial fallouts, dirt, road grime, tree saps, brake dust, road tar etc; even over sprayed paints.
– Removes ‘bumps’ or roughness on car paint.
– Surface preparation before application of Sealant, Wax or Coating.
– Maintain glass smooth car paint surface after polishing.
– Cleans windscreen, headlamps, bumpers, alloy wheels etc.
– Reusable, green and environmental friendly product.
– ROHS Compliance.
– Comes in different grades.

After washing your car run your finger tips on the car surface; you will feel ‘bumps’ or roughness. They are stubborn industrial fallouts, tree saps, brake dust, over sprayed paints, road tar etc that could not be washed off with ordinary car wash. They actually dull your paint and make your car lack luster or shine.

The PG Perma Glass WONDER CLAY is the best invention and amazing tool that embedded contaminants with ease without hurting the car clear coat. It drastically improves the appearance of the car by leaving the car surface as smooth as glass. It leaves nothing in between the clear coat and the sealant or coating applied.

Simple Steps To Use PG Perma Glass WONDER CLAY.

1. Wash car thoroughly.
2. Knead and flatten the Wonder Clay.
3. Glide the clay on the wet car paint surface and constantly keep surface wet.
4. Run your fingers to feel the bumps and roughness on the car paint surface.
5. Repeat the action (3 & 4) until the surface is as smooth as the glass.
6. Fold and knead the clay for a new surface when it is dirty.
7. Wash or wipe clean the car paint surface and apply PG Polymer Sealant.
8. You may spray PG Perma Glass Quick Shine Detailer as a lubricant and shiner.

Storage and Caution.

– Do not use the Wonder Clay if it drops on the floor.
– After use please keep the Wonder Clay in the wrapper or clamp box.



PG Wonder Clay No.3

Foundation to brilliant and durable shine for a silky smooth finish.
-Surface preparation.
-Medium-high abrasive
-Recommended for bad weathered cars.

Available : 150 gram


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