PG Polymer Sealant

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PG Polymer Sealant

An exclusive “polymer glass” compound that bonds directly to the car’s chrome and painted surface to protect them with a highly resistant barrier against oxidation, pollution, intense sun, salt-spray, detergents, tree sap, fingerprints, road tar and many other damaging agents.

Available in: 250ml & 500ml


2 reviews for PG Polymer Sealant

  1. Random User

    Don’t be fooled by the low price because this is one truly amazing product. It’s one of the easiest sealant to apply, no machine buffing needed. Reacts and bonds almost instantly. Water beading is decent and lasts pretty long but not up to the marketed duration of 12 months because no synthetic protection can last that long. The only downside is that it doesn’t shine as good as say, Meguiar’s M21 or Mother’s Reflections series.

  2. CA

    One of the best All-In-One products on the market with excellent value for money. Cleans embedded dirt well & removes minor swirl marks.
    Overall protection is good but as with any sealant, do not expect the finish to last a whole year as stated on the bottle as it is subject to weather conditions, frequency of washing etc.
    Recommended for those looking for an all in one cleaner, mild polish, & protective sealant.

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