PG Polymer Wash & Wax

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PG Polymer Wash & Wax

Superior pH neutral formulation, which is gentle to the car’s paintwork as well as your hands, yet strong enough to remove road grime and soil. With polymer protectants to give a brilliant shine. Contains anti-rust agent for overall rust prevention especially around joints and rain drain area.

Available in: 1 liter or 2 liter


2 reviews for PG Polymer Wash & Wax

  1. Shameem

    Excellent product. Gives great finish to paint and don’t leave any spots.

  2. CA

    Value for money car shampoo. Good level of sudsing & lubrication to safely lift off dirt without scratching paint.
    Does not leave spots on the paintwork and leaves a nice finish on already waxed/sealed finishes and does not strip wax or sealants.

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